I passed my 2nd Mates Ticket

After 3 years of studying and working I sat my 2nd Mates Oral exam on Monday the 19th of November at 1030 in the morning. The week building up to this day I was very nervous but yet still confident. The main reason I was nervous and scared of failing my exam was because of all the expectations that were put on me to pass. It was hard thinking that if I failed my oral exam that I would be letting all these people down. And the fact that I have never failed any exams to date and have a good reputation at School to live up to. So it would have been a big embarrassment to fail. The last 2 hours prior to me going in for my Oral Exam I spent them in the Library at the school with two other guys who were sitting there exams. Going in for my Oral Exam where we spent 2 minutes talking about sea experience, 40 minutes on COLREGS, Maritime Rules, Pollution, MTA, Lights day shapes, and heavy weather ship handling. The rest of the time in the exam we were discussing previous experiences and how I have done things at sea relating to the syllabus. I can’t explain the huge relief I got when the examiner put the pen to the paper and write PASS. I could have leaped through the roof but I decided to take it all in a mature sort of way. So I shook the examiners hand and said thank you as he handed me my piece of paper and 2nd Mates Badge. Now it is all onward and upward up until Friday when we will all be celebrating together after the rest of the class pass their Oral Exam.

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