Mates and Masters Graduation

Mates and Masters Graduation - 2007In November we had the Final Graduation for the Mates and Masters through the New Zealand Maritime School. This was a really good night where we all got time to talk with each other and socialise outside of the school. Present were tutors, teachers, examiners, past students, master, MNZ, high ranked people in MIT, our boss, shipping companies - contacts and all the students - now Mates and Masters.This was a well put together night. Gourmet food, unlimited drinks, a nice atmosphere and location. For me this was a good chance to step up to the level of being a Mate. I really enjoyed the time spent talking about experience, pasts, and exams and much more with the other guys. Inspiring in a way. In this photo are some very inspiring Woman Officers. From Left to Right: Kushla - BP Tankers, Renee - Golden Bay Cement, Catherine Swann - ashore now, Catherine Williams - Holland America Line, and Megs.

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