Cherish both the calm and the rough

Its days like this that I cherish and days like this that I pray. Some people love fine weather and others need a bit of rough times to keep them focused on where they are going. Some people love rough weather so much that they get an adrenaline rush every time that a gale force storm is expected and they also get really bored with calm seas and sunny days. Me, I cherish and pray in both the calm and the stormy days
We need storms to be thrown our way every now and then to spice up life a bit and also so that we don’t get bored with to many calm times.

“It’s moments like these that we need minties.” I still remember this advert that used to be shown on TV.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Capt Meg,

I'm enjoying reading your blog as I'm a first year DNS student this year. It's great to be able to get a few insights into what life aboard is like.

I saw you on Breakfast this morning, looking busy up on the bridge of one of the ferries.