Leaving the past behind you...

So many people have regrets in life which hold them back from moving forward.
Regrets from doing something wrong and making the wrong decisions and holding grudges against someone for something they have done in the past. These all do nothing good for you and worst of all they rob you of your happiness. Happiness – A feeling or an emotion? Either way it is something that you experience and brings a smile to your face. Have you ever been happy and not wanted to smile? The saying “Build a Bridge!” sounds pretty direct but in reality that is what’s needed to put the past behind you and move on. We all have regrets in life, gosh even I have a few which I am not proud of, but in amongst the bad regrets there are some which we have learned from to makes us become who we are today. At the end of the day it is only yourself who can let the past go and make that first step forward. Not your parents or your partner, only you!

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