Some people go through their whole lives doing something that they love doing while keeping it to themselves. These people are happy with who they are and what they have achieved in life. They are happy just trundling along quite smoothly in life. Then there are the people who love their live, live their dreams out each day and share their passion with others along the way. That is about the stage where I am now. I have been living my passion out for the past 5 years at sea and loved just about every minute of it. Now though I am sharing my love for my job and career with close ones around me, and I don’t mean sharing with young woman in an inspirational sort of role, I mean sharing my passion and work done through the day with my Dad and close ones by my side. And I tell you what it’s such a nice feeling! Being able to share the highs and lows of your day with someone else, talking about the little things in your job that make your eyes sparkle and ignite – that’s PASSION! For me, being able to work on the ship and share my passion and positiveness through the phone to a close friend, makes me happy. I have a more balanced life now. Simply being able to merge my work life on the ship with my life back at home, this is now bringing a steady flow of happiness back into my daily life.

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