Aratere - Piloting through FOG

PILOTING the ARATERE in through Tory Channel, about to approach a fog bank that lasts the entire way to Picton until we are berthed alongside. One minute you see the hills and sea then next you can’t even see the bow. And talk about a drop in temperature.It’s such a buzzing challenge to take command of a ship in Fog where you are unable to see anything ahead of you. You have to really put all your skills and experience to the test and use the best of your knowledge. All it takes is for one small error in assessing the next alteration of course or even a small craft unexpectedly approaching you and your ticket and career will go down the drain.I guess that why I like this career so much. It’s a challenge within itself, a hard area to get into requiring lots of time, study and effort. But once you have made the first move the worlds your oyster as some say.I thank God for the Wisdom and knowledge that He gives me when I’m in Command of a ship (even when co-piloting) just having God with me and his soft but strong voice guiding me in the decisions I make results in the safe handling of the ship and a lot of Praise goes back to Him.

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