Fiji Journal M.V. Pacific Link 2007

VIWA ISLAND - Naibalebale Village
Thursday, July 19, 2007today was my day to go ashore. After Lunch I caught a ride ashore with the Fijians in their long reef boat.On arriving at the beach I was greeted by a swarm of children that came running from their classroom to meet me. My idea of going ashore was to help out with the medical team not children.But to my surprise I was struck back when they told me that there was no medical work left to do in this village today. I was in a way upset. So I pulled up a pew under a tree and started praying to God to lift me from the ditch that I was now in and place me back on the path that He has for me on this island.The next minute I looked up and saw two little eyes gazing at me from the distance. Then slowly a hand rose up next with fingers waving up and down. A little girl had recognized me from when I came to the island for the SevuSevu on the Monday and visited the children’s classroom spending time talking with them and taking photos.The little eyes and gorgeous smile captured my attention from a mile away. It instantly touched my heart and drew me in the direction of her pretty face. Three steps towards her, I was bombarded by kids. Some recognized me from when they came to the ship for their teeth check ups and extractions from the previous couple of days.
Their smiles were priceless.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with the children playing soccer on the field, encouraging the girls that they to can play sport and beat the guys. Drawing pictures with them in the classroom, singing songs, dancing, and playing games with the younger ones. The day ended with me helping sweep out the classrooms before they all went home.In New Zealand we have booms and mops but on Viwa Island they have branches and straw, and I tell you it works a charm. You just sweep all the dirt and dust out the door and that’s it.

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