Spirit of Resolution - GC Ship

After weeks in Australia working on a ship and then around the coast of New Zealand on the Cement Ship I then did some time on a type of ship that I never thought I would work on. During my interview for my Spirit of New Zealand Cadetship I told them that they would never see me on a container ship. Well March 2007 I worked on the Pacifica Coastal General Cargo Ship the Spirit of Resolution, the sister ship to the Spirit of Competition. My time spent on this ship was on the bridge doing the 12-4 watches at sea and on deck doing the 10-4 cargo watches. Long days that ended in spending hours doing my cargo assignment before getting off to sleep. This was an awesome opportunity to see what its like to work on a small G.C. container ship. The Spirit of Resolution is only 100m in length so she just felt like any other ship I had worked on; only on this one the 2nd Mate was 23 years old and not that tall either. Because he was young the Master put me on watch with him. So we had some really nice long chats at 2am in the morning on the bridge, which made the 12-4 watch go really fast.

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