Golden Bay - Cement Ship

The Golden Bay Cement Ship works around the coast of New Zealand. Who would have thought that working on a small bulk carrier on the NZ coast would be so interesting? and the question you have to ask yourself is: "How is it possible to transport dry cement on ships, isn’t cement allergic to water, wont it react in a bad way if coming in contact with the sea?" well we will just have to take the risk and try it.I joined the MV Golden Bay in March 2007 for 5 weeks. The first ship that I had worked on that wasn’t a ferry and didn’t carry containers.The first ship that I have ever worked on that all the crew, every single crew member loves their job and loves working on that ship. The crew do a roster time of 1 month on board and then 1 month off. I did a month on board with 'A' swing. The crew ranged from an ex-maritime school lecturer, ex-Master from the MV Doulos, My granddads old school rugby buddy, ex-cruise ship engineers, and merchant navy guys. A total crew capacity of 17.

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