Pacific Link voyage to Fiji

March 2005 I joined the Pacific Link - a medical missionary ship for 9 weeks as Mate up in Fiji. a medical ship involved with YWAM and outreaching to the Islands. My time on this ship changed my life completely and has set me up for life. Starting the journey on April 1st, we sailed from Tauranga in New Zealand; I was the 2nd mate for 6 days until we reached Fiji. This was my first experience of taking a 4 hour watch by myself on an ocean crossing. The sextant and calculator got a bit of a work out and I bet it was pleased when we reached Fiji to give it a bit of rest. We arrived in Lautoka 6 days later on the 6th April. Arriving DTS students met us at the wharf waiting in anticipation and excitement for the little ship that they were about to spend their next 2 weeks aboard, and call it home. The first islands that we were to visit were the Southern Lau Group. There a few islands in the southern Lau group. The first one was Matuku Island. Such a beautiful small island. Second was Totoya after stopping in at Suva for a replenishment of stores and fuel. Following Totoya we proceeded on towards Moala Island. That’s where the stories begin. Back to Suva for more replenishments and Student changes. Before heading to Levuka on Ovalau Island, the id Capital of Fiji. From Ovalau Island we finished up there and voyaged back to Lautoka for the DTS student’s graduation and crew change. Whooa! That was a lot. Now I will explain more in detail.

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Captain Megs said...

This was the best time of my life so far on board the Pacific Link in Fiji as Mate. it changed my life and has set me up for the rest of my life. In the maritime industry and in my life with Christ. Without going on this ship i would have not found the Lord, so i thank God that i am now living for Him and i that God for the life that i am living now. For all the opportunities that i am faced with and opportunities to reach out to others for Christ. Praise the Lord that Jesus is the reason that i am living.