It all Started on the Spirit of New Zealand

Hey well where do I start. I guess ill start from the beginning. Not from Adam and Eve, come forward a bit - the birth and death of Jesus, no further than that. Forward to 1986. That’s when I was born. 16 years later in august 2002 I went on the Youth Development Sailing Ship the Spirit of New Zealand. I absolutely loved the 10 days on the ship that I went back on during the Americas Cup for 2 months. this was such an awesome experience as I was working everywhere from on deck, in galley, up the mast, stowing and setting sails, waitressing, bartending, steering the ship, navigating, cleaning and just about everything. It was awesome. Then in March I had to go back to school and start 6th form. Spent most of 6th form working on the Sealink - Subritzky ferry from Auckland to great barrier island. This was going experience. Working on the bridge, observing Masters Ship handling, and cargo operations. as well as working as a volunteer on the Maritime Museums ships the Ted Ashby and Breeze and the Soren Larsen. From day sails, to overnight voyages and general long hard days of maintenance.January 10th 2004 I started as a cadet on the Spirit of New Zealand. This was a 13 month cadetship. It started out really hard, I mean come on I was only 17 years old when I started. Most of the trainees were older than me.

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Captain Megs said...

I have to offer my thanks and appreciation to the The Spirit Of Adventure Trust for everything that they did for me in preparing me for my career at sea.
Also thanks and appreciation for the work that they do and for the development in the teens that go on the Spirit of New Zeland.