Tasmanian Achiever - Toll Australia Roro Ferry

Tasmanian Achiever is a Toll Shipping Ro Ro Ferry that runs between Melbourne and Burnie in Tasmanian. I went on board this ship for 6 weeks in January/February in 2007.My time here was really hard to start off with. I mean I am used to working on Rail Ferries where there are heaps and heaps of people, not much time to rest and uniform worn on the bridge at all times. This ship was a crew of 17, all really older than me; one guy was in his 30's and the rest, well yeah... But overall they were a great bunch of guys. We had a great Captain - a really nice guy, really good ship handler and has heaps pf stories from when he first went to sea. It was great to be able to plan working in a structured sort of way with highly skilled and talented Officers.

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