"She's a Chick????"

I couldn't believe what i was seeing. But then again it should have been expected. This is what i am used to now working on tankers. (being the only woman on a ship you kind of expect to be stared at now. i have got used to it.) You have to!

I walked from the control room out to the manifold to check the hose connections. I could see the guys standing on the jetty who were talking amongst them selves. You could see them peering up to at the ship every so often passing around a five dollar note. I knew what they were up to just by the way the guys were trying to be suspicious while trying really hard to win the five dollars back. I walked back along the catwalk to the control room but just as I turned around I pulled off my hard hat and turned to look at the guys on the jetty. I turned around slowly and the guys mouths dropped. The words spoken next broke the painful silence. “She’s a Chick!!!” They couldn’t believe it, that there was a chick on board a tanker and better still a young chick.
I gave the guys a wave and then walked back into the cargo control room, laughing away to myself at what had just happened.
Oh the joys of being a woman, it has its advantages and fun times.

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