Drydock in Singapore.

Singapore Drydock on the Kakariki...
If you think it was hard being the only chick on a tanker for 3 months strait, you have seen nothing till you have done a drydock in Singapore. You would think there would be at least one woman working in the dockyard in Sembawang. Well your wrong, there was none!
There were literally 100's and 100's and 100's of guys there. All Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Bangladesh and Singaporeans. And having a few guys watch you as you walk the catwalk on deck its ok, but having the whole ship stop working and heads turning as you do your deck safety rounds its kind of intimidating don’t you think. After 4 weeks there they should have got used to seeing me on the ship, but they didn’t and they continued to stop working to watch me walk.

This photo is of the deck of the Kakariki during the lay up period alongside the wharf waiting to go into the floating dock. We had two ships more up alongside up, was the Western Star which recently had an accommodation fire so the whole accommodation block was burned down. That’s the photo below.

Pretty scary aye. And i fire to this extent only takes seconds to go up. You could actually see how the steel work buckled with the heat when we looked close up. I’m am never leaving my cabin light on anymore and always sleeping with a fire extinguisher and EEBD in my cabin.The crew all abandoned the ship using the free fall life boat. At the bottom of the photo you can see the retrieved lifeboat on the deck of the ship.

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