Living your dream out. Not working to reach your dream.

Follow your dreams, persevere, stick with it, and let nothing take your dream away from you. You who follow the ways of others may find it hard to see the end goal in times of challenge. But she who believes in herself and lets nothing and no one push her around at sea, she will be the one to reach her reward in the end. That’s the dedication which will get more woman seafarers into Captain Roles. Sounds all good, but is far from being easy... With working in a male dominated industry RESPECT is something that has to work both ways in order for a safe comfortable working environment is to be created. And this isn’t always possible. No matter how hard you try. The best option for woman then is to protect themselves, put heir own needs and wellbeing before their job. If you work on a Tanker and think to yourself every night before bed; "Why am I doing this? Why am I working on a tanker, isolating myself from the world when I have so much to offer? "If you are a social person and love talking to people, socialising and have a bubbly personality, then why would you want to work on a ship where there are only 17 guys, it doesn’t make sense if you ask me. Wouldn’t it make more sense to work on a Cruise ship or Passenger Ferry where there are 1000’s of people on board, of both genders...?What ever your dreams maybe at sea. Whether it be to become a Captain, work in the bar and hotel services or in the deck department then I urge and encourage your towards reaching your goal. Stay focused and give it all you have, 110% at all times. It’s not about spending your whole life trying to reach goals that look so distant, it’s about living your dream out your entire life until you reach your destination. Your whole life is a dream of planning and living, so do all you can do to enjoy every tack you end up travelling on.

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