-^-^-The Joys of working at sea-^-^-

What other job description comes with the opportunity to see the sun rise and set each day from your workplace window or cabin porthole? To have the chance to experience international travel to exotic places and remote destinations around the world is just one of the many bonuses of the job. You get to work with a multi-nationality crew. Reap the rewards of personal satisfaction and a good pay package. Have well earnt time off in chosen ports of call. Get paid to train and learn. - To become a Deck Officer, Master or Chief Engineer. What ever area you choose to work in the rewards and joys of your job out number any other job you could think of.You will be faced with the challenges of decision making for navigation in dense traffic situations, but these times of hard concentration are usually followed by peaceful days of single watch keeping on the bridge in the middle of the ocean. Surrounded by beautiful scenery around the coast of islands and countries, and the soothing sound of the sea and gentle sea breeze when your on passage. With a job at sea it comes with the possibility of advancement and promotion to a higher rank. With promotion comes a whole new level of responsibility. Being more involved with the crew training and passenger lifeboat and emergency training if on a cruise ship.Any job comes with paperwork mentioned in fine print at the bottom of the application form. If only those words were bigger then we would be able to have a better perspective on the amount of paperwork involved in a job at sea. Time management makes the paperwork side of things a breeze.Seafarers especially deck officers are in high demands now days due to the shortage over the last few years. Its a goal of the future to see more young people choose to take up a career at sea and travel and work their way to become captains of the future.Through the New Zealand Maritime School they offer a Deck Officer Cadetship training programme consisting of a few years of study and sea time on board a ship of your choice. On completion of this time successful students gain a 2nd Mates Foreign Going Ticket, a Certificate of Competence, and a Diploma in Nautical Science.The next stage is to step back on board the ship with a gold stripe on each shoulder in a rank of a 3rd Officer.It would be awesome to see more woman take on the challenge and experiences of working at sea to become Captains.

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