Christmas 2008 - In New Zealand

Christmas 2008. For the last two years I have been at sea for Christmas and New Years. This year was different. I spent Christmas on land with my family. It was so nice to enjoy a day of celebration with my grandparents, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles and parents. Although I left all my Christmas shopping till the last minute, last minute meaning Christmas Eve afternoon, there was no stress involved this year.New Years this year I will be doing the same as what I have done for the past two years. I will be on working on board the Aratere. My favourite ship as 3rd Officer. Maybe this year I won’t be the youngest crew member on board. Haha what am I kidding, of course I’m going to be the youngest again.
This photo is of me with my mum and two younger sisters. There is no seafaring history in my mums side of the family, the seafaring part of me comes from my dad and his father. My dad’s father did some service in the Navy when he left school and my dad works on the Spirit of New Zealand Sailing ship, volunteer coastguard skipper and loving taking our boat out fishing and tubing. You wouldn’t get my mum or sisters near the water even if you bribed them with chocolate. My dad on the other hand you would just have to mention the word sailing and he’s out already. I love my family to bits and was so very thankful that I was able to spend Christmas with them this year rather than in khakis on a ship working.

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