Support Woman At Sea - Cause Campaign

I have started up a Cause Campaign on Facebook in the hope that more Women can be encouraged to pursue a Career at sea and stay strong in the midst of tough times. It’s a chance for woman to come together to encourage and show their support to other woman who are working in the Maritime industry. A chance to speak up about tough issues they have faced at sea and also sharing their exciting stories of experiences they have had at sea.The time has come for Woman to speak up. There are so many of us out there who have dreams to become Chief Officers and Captains of Cruise Ships, Product tankers and Bulk Cargo Ships. What is stopping us from stepping up and rising to the challenge? Male domination, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, male over-powering, insecurity? There are a number are factors that may be relevant, but in each case is different for every woman.I have started up a donation link on the site to raise money to sponsor a trainee to go on the Spirit of New Zealand. All donations go to the Woman for Woman International fund. When the goal amount of $1500.00 is reached, I personally will bring forth the $1500 for the young teenager to go on the Spirit of New Zealand. The Spirit of Adventure Trust will be contacted and a trainees name will be given to me who I will then pay for. This trainee will be mentioned on the website before they go on the ship and then they will write a small letter to us on completion of the voyage.I love my career and life at sea so much that I want others to experience the same passion which I have. I endeavour to spread the Word through the medium of the sea with other young woman out there. It is a fantastic career to start; you get to travel the world, see amazing places, work with a ship full of crew that becomes like family over time and have the responsibility of taking command of a bridge watch for two 4 hour shifts a day. The people you get to meet, places and sights you sea and the pay package at the end of your travels are only a few highlights of this chosen profession. So take that step and show your support to woman already at sea.

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