Cruise Ship Luxuries

Cruise Ship Passenger Areas. Just some of the luxuries which passengers get to enjoy and relax in while on holiday or a cruise. Now wouldn't that be nice to experience one day. Well you can. There are some Cruise Ship companies which allow you to enjoy some of the same luxuries as the passengers. For example like using the passenger gyms, pools and Jacuzzis, attending shows and performances in the theatres, dining in the restaurants and buying from the on board shops, and some companies even encourage their crew and staff to join in on shore excursions and tours when the ship is in port. How awesome does that sound? How does a nice wine trail and tasting sound, or visit to the local art gallery or museum? Fancy a bus tour around a historical village? Or a trip with an explorer boat to go and swim with dolphins? These are just some of the joys of working at sea!

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