10 Magical Wonders of the Sea

One of the 10 magical wonders seen on the ocean. It’s not every day you get to see the tale of a whale on more occasions than one.These are the 10 wonders of the sea as I see them from my journeys so far.
1- Sunrises and Sunsets seen on the horizon.
2- Sea Life and wild life. Whales, Dolphins, Seals, Birds and fish.
3- The sound of the sea against the hull of the ship, complete peacefulness and serenity.
4- International travel by sea and see the world while you work.
5- The Fresh air, ocean breeze and clear starry lit skies seen most on most nights.
6- Personal satisfaction from achieving set goals.
7- Strength, self-confidence, competence and perseverance gained from being on a ship.
8- Rough weather voyaging. Encountering near death experiences.
9- Experience different cultures from all around the world. Learn a number of languages.
10- The pay package you take home at the end of your contract is so worth it.These are only just some of the wonderful reasons to pursue a dream to live and work on the ocean.

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