Holland America Line - Cruise Ships

A New Journey awaits. I’m joining a Holland America Line Cruise Ship as a Deck Officer in November 2008. It’ll be a change of lifestyle for me as I’m used to working with cargo, independently and with having a crew of 18 males on board. I am looking forward to working together with the bridge team and socialising with the crew when off watch. And I won’t be the sole woman on board. So that has to be a plus! Voyaging to where? New Zealand and Australia, the South Pacific voyages. To work for a month as a relief 3rd Officer. Maybe I’ll decide to take up a full time permanent job with them in the near future. I do know though that HAL has a 5 star rating of EXCELLENCE and practice safety at all times. So that’s a change from previous ships I’ve worked on. Bring on the professionalism, 8 pairs on uniform and polished shoes. I may even have to learn how to iron-oh no wait there are dry cleaners on board. When I return to New Zealand and have some time off in early 2009 I may be heading to some schools to give some motivational talks and speeches to the student leaders and careers advisors. This could be the first step in the door for more women to follow their dreams of working at sea. In the near future I hope to do some promotional marketing for woman working in the Maritime Industry. It’s another year away yet though. "A day in the life of a female Deck Officer on board a Ship." From Sailing ships to rail ferries, to Cargo ships and Product tankers now to cruise ships - I wonder what awaits me next.

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