Look in the mirror and like what you see.

We all long to be loved and feel beautiful. Part of being a woman means that we come ready made with the gene of beauty.Working on a cargo ship and tanker of a crew of 18 and me, being the only woman on board I was in two mind-sets as to what beauty actually meant to me in my chosen profession in life. On one hand I could pamper myself daily before stepping out of my cabin. Then I take the risk of giving the guys on board the wrong impression. On the other hand I could not bother about presenting myself well each day and just go natural like the guys. And guess what? That’s what I did for 10 months. During this time I learnt a lot about myself and what it truly means to be a woman, especially working and living in the industry that I'm in. I am in this profession because that's where my heart is and I have a passion to live my dream out. What I did learn from this though was that by not looking after yourself and your beauty you slowly start to lose your self-respect. That didn't sound too appealing. So I sat down and thought to myself, if I am going to live a life as an inspiration and encouragement for future young woman who want to head into this industry then I’m going to have to start to take care of myself. By this I mean making a new mark. Presenting myself well so that I am comfortable with who I am and also in a way that I represent woman when I’m on the bridge or deck of a ship. With this then will come strength, courage, confidence and endurance. If you look in the mirror each morning and like what you see that is the best way that you can start off a day, being comfortable and happy with whom you are.Words of advice: "Don't dress to impress, or select to neglect!" Choose to make a stand for woman working and living in the Maritime industry. We are all of the same make-up - (genes of beauty).

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