Woman v's Modern day technology

Days go by with endless stories of fellow crew members memories of when they were at sea. Their loved ones and lost ones, the ones that got away and the grumpy old Captains who they have sailed with. I could write a book on merchant seafarers from as far back as 1900 from all the stories I have been told. When the guys share their stories about “when I was at sea we didn’t have all these modern day technologies that we have these days, men were men and woman were the topic of all conversation!” That’s when I say “Sorry Mate since I’ve been at sea men are still just only men and woman happen to be so much more now!” Sure things have changed, we now have access to high class modern technologies and technical systems, but the biggest difference from back then to now is that it’s all in the past and there is nothing that you can do to go back there. Now days we have the opportunity to take that next step in technology, placing faith in electronics and technical equipment is something you have to learn to do on a ship, even though there is still the slightest chance that it may fail on you. If you are confident in your competence and use wisdom to guide you in decision making then technical equipment is used as a back up to your actions. Some would disagree with me on this. But think of it this way; if you have a blackout on a ship, most times you will lose a lot of equipment and some will be powered by a back-up system. Whereas what are the likely chances of you yourself having a black out while on watch? Pretty slim aye. So that’s why it is an advantage having at least one woman on board every ship. It invites a new way of thinking, fresh ideas, logically workings, and a new atmosphere where is something isn't going right they are not afraid to speak up and say something.

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