So you want to be a Princess aye?

I could almost write a book about this word alone; ‘Princess.’ Who would have thought that just one little word like this could mean so much to a woman?Before I joined my first product tanker as 3rd Mate I was having a conversation with my Nana in her back garden about what it means to be a woman. One of the words that stuck with me from there on was the word ‘Princess’. I joined my first tanker in January 2008 where I was greeted by the crew and addressed as princess by one particular mate. I couldn’t believe it. After having that talk with my grandma about being a princess, here I was now being called one on a ship, and a tanker of all ships.I want to encourage all woman out there who work at sea, whether it be in the deck, engine or catering department, that we are all Princess’s. Even when we are covered from head to toe in mud and smelly sea water after doing tank inspections in double bottom water ballast tanks. Beneath the dirt is a princess who is strong, confident and beautiful. We don’t need to change who we are to mould into an image of a seafarer, no, we can be ourselves, be the princess who we were born to be.

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