Multi-talented Passions

I serve on a small medical missionary ship once a year when the time fits in with my work and studies. The voyages are normally New Zealand and up in the Fiji Islands. I work as a volunteer 2nd Officer on board the M.V. Pacific Link which means that I am in charge of the navigational charts and publications on board. When the ship sails I keep a navigational watch with a deck hand teaching him navigation and the rules of the road at sea. When the ship is alongside the wharf and involved in medical and missions work I assist in which ever department needs some more hands. Whether it is in the dentistry, medical or optometry department or in the schools working with the children. That’s my favourite part. Even it is just serving glasses of water to the locals who are waiting to see the dentist on board. It is nice to just sit down with them on deck and laugh and laugh, with the children its great to draw pictures and colour in and read books with them.My ultimate dream job would be as Captain of a Medical Missionary Ship voyaging around the world serving the countries which require medical and health services. We’ll see when that dream comes to be.

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